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Who we are

Who we are

In a highly competitive world, where efficiency and cost-effectiveness make the rule, it has become a business imperative for companies, especially SMEs, to optimize their marketing performance.

Blue Grapes Innovative Marketing (BG) is a marketing management firm that will make the best out of your marketing function. Our primary purpose is to provide companies like yours with fully-outsourced marketing departments comprised of a team of professionals, to help them save resources, money and time while delivering better results and enhanced brand visibility to ultimately increase your customer base.

We're not an advertising company, a web development agency, a social media solutions' provider or a branding firm. We offer all of the services mentioned above within a holistic communications approach that WORKS; thus our brand motto "WE WORK," which also means we spare no efforts in getting your brand right where it deserves to be.

In a digital era, BG focuses on digital marketing, but we don't stop there. In addition to outsourced marketing departments, we offer customers fully-customizable, specialty services including strategic marketing and consultancy, marketing management, targeted training, branding, production, advertising, media management, and more. We assist you in optimizing your marketing and sales function, planning your marketing strategy, upgrading your marketing mix and training your sales force among other key services.

By offering comprehensive marketing and communications solutions to renowned NGOs and companies across the business spectrum, Blue Grapes Innovative Marketing has evolved into a partner of choice for leading brands in Lebanon.

Whether you're looking to outsource a fully-integrated marketing team to handle your communications scope or you're seeking consultancy on strategic or tactical matters, we have the experience, innovative mindset, resources, passion, and determination to make it happen.

With BG by your side, start aiming big and achieving great.




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