03 Sep, 2018

Although Outsourced Marketing is a smart solution to save time, money and efforts while cutting costs and optimizing productivity and efficiency, it is not the best marketing practice for all businesses. Outsourced Marketing works best for:

1- Small to Medium Businesses.

2- Startups with limited budget and staff.

3- NGOs.

4- Companies who lack marketing resources or don't have a bulk of marketing activities to keep a full-time team on payroll.

5- Companies looking for creative and innovative marketing solutions to achieve better business results.

6- Companies willing to let an external team in on confidential information and to share their passion, mission and business goals.

7- Companies with a business culture that promotes transparency, tolerance, inclusion and positivity to guarantee smooth coordination and synergy between your marketing personnel and the outsourced team.

8- Companies that value honesty and are willing to accept the ugly truth about their current marketing status, as well as to listen to professional advice and act on it.

9- Companies looking for a strategic marketing team to come on board.

10- Companies that know what they want and are able to give swift and constructive feedback.

11- Well-organized companies with a well-defined leadership, clear roles, and a firm commitment to quality.

12- Companies that don't micro-manage, with readiness to delegate tasks.


If your company falls in one or several of these reasons, we need to have a serious talk about the next five years of growth. We will gladly explore the immediate benefits of outsourced marketing services to your company. Contact us for a one-to-one assessment and custom solution for your organization.



  • Roland Aoun



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